E-learning: “I motivate”

To motivate,

is to allow each person to find a personal interest in contributing to the achievement of the set objectives.

Motivating also means creating the conditions to reconcile the interests of employees and those of the company.

Our program for you

  • To commit is to grow
  • The Fish Philosophy
  • How to get employees to commit
  • How to motivate employees
  • Create the conditions for motivation
  • Delegate to motivate
  • Make your WOOP action plan
  • Quiz: The commitment scale
  • Quiz: I motivate
  • Quiz: Motivation (MERV model)
  • Quiz: Delegating to motivate
  • Motivation
  • The Fish Philosophy
  • Delegation: PRICE
  • The 6 rules of delegation
  • The Commitment Scale
  • Measuring commitment
  • How to stimulate autonomy
  • Tool sheet: PRICE
  • Confidence self-diagnosis
  • The path to success to motivate
  • Summary booklet “I motivate”