E-learning: “I enrich my toolkit”

A good craftsman can be recognised by the quality of his tools.

The same goes for a manager.

We can’t imagine a manager using a single tool to deal with all situations.

Keep in mind that for those who only have a hammer, everything looks like nails.

The awareness of being well-equipped strengthens self-confidence,

which in turn favourably influences the ability to handle difficult situations of all kinds.

Our program for you

  • The 3 princes of serendipity
  • The persuasive power of the Post-it
  • Diversity
  • The giraffe and the elephant
  • The emotional intelligence
  • The 3 squirrels
  • The art of deciding
  • The Gordian Knot
  • Thomas Edison
  • The keys to Brainstorming
  • Brainstorming tools
  • Discover Mind Mapping
  • The praise of diversity
  • Cultural diversity (Hofstede)
  • The benevolent sincerity
  • What is emotional intelligence?
  • How to develop your EI?
  • The art of influencing
  • The processes of influence
  • Questioning under the microscope
  • The forces of decision making
  • How to make the right decisions
  • The Appreciative inquiry Approach
  • The art of persuasion
  • Make your WOOP action plan
  • Quiz: Brainstorming 1
  • Quiz: Brainstorming 2
  • Quiz: Discover Mind Mapping
  • Quiz: The Praise of Diversity
  • Quiz: Cultural Diversity (Hofstede)
  • Quiz: Benevolent Sincerity
  • Quiz: What is emotional intelligence?
  • Quiz: How to develop your EI?
  • Quiz: The art of influencing
  • Quiz: Influencing processes
  • Quiz: Questioning under the microscope
  • Quiz: Decision-making skills
  • Quiz: How to make the right decisions
  • Quiz: The Appreciative Approach
  • Quiz: The art of persuasion
    • The QQOQCP
    • Hofstede’s 6 dimensions
    • The key processes
    • The PRISM tool
    • The dimensions of the Goleman EI
    • Mayer and Salovey EQ