E-learning: “I develop others”

Developing others means ensuring the future of the company.

It means offering employees the opportunity to grow, to develop their skills and acquire experience

in order to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our program for you

  • The alchemy of trust
  • The moments that count
  • Give constructive feedback with the DESC
  • Coach a collaborator with the GROW
  • The power of questions
  • Implement performance management
  • Conduct a constructive appraisal interview
  • Make your action plan WOOP
  • Quiz: Give feedback with the DESC
  • Quiz: Coaching with the GROW
  • Quiz: Ask the right questions
  • Quiz: The performance cycle
  • Quiz: Conduct a constructive appraisal interview
  • I develop others
  • Summary of the different types of interviews
  • The virtues of questioning
  • The GROW
  • Self-diagnosis of coaching skills
  • The coaching interview
  • The path to success in developing others
  • Summary booklet “I develop others”
  • Summary booklet of the manager coach