Case study

As part of its vision 2025, D’Ieteren Auto (the number one car importer in Belgium) is constantly investing in the research and implementation of adapted mobility
solutions, with the major concern of improving the social life and well-being of its employees.

D’Ieteren Auto is aware of all societal changes and wants to respond internally to the needs and realities of today’s and tomorrow’s learners.

In 2018, D’Ieteren Auto launched  in collaboration with Dyna Learn, the digitalisation of its HARD and SOFT contents.

The  decision was taken to put an end to all these presentations mainly made in PowerPoint and with little added value, as they mobilised a lot of energy
(room reservation, catering, mobilisation of presenters and invitation to all staff.)

A project was launched to  standardise and revitalise these presentations using digital capsules. The challenge was to make them more captivating and to allow D’Ieteren to do without all these presentations, without losing the didactic side.

The idea was to introduce flexibility and a dose of personalisation in the learning process. Everyone learns at their own pace,
thanks to the ATAWAD (Any Time, Any Where, Any Device) approach.

This blended approach promotes the optimal development of all employees.

The topics covered by this project ranged from employee onboarding to GDPR rules, compliance, competition rules, rules for the various guarantees offered, electronic signatures, procurement; budgeting, ethics rules, transfer conditions between parent company and subsidiaries, the performance cycle, career & talent management, etc…

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