E-learning: “I federate”

To federate,

is to use a set of tools and techniques to convey messages

and exchange in a captivating way, guaranteeing a real mobilisation.

It means ensuring that the future of the company becomes everyone’s business.

Our program for you

  • Meeting pizza
  • Chris Anderson’s recipe
  • Master the art of making presentations
  • Facilitate exciting meetings
  • Make your meetings easier
  • Use the Pecha Kucha technique
  • Make your content come alive with storytelling
  • How to develop captivating meetings?
  • Practice the Elevator Pitch
  • Create a unifying vision (base)
  • Create a unifying vision (advanced)
  • Make your action plan WOOP
  • Quiz: How to create a unifying vision (basic)
  • Quiz: How to create a unifying vision (advanced)
  • Quiz: The Secrets of Facilitation
  • Quiz: Presentation Skills
  • Quiz: Storytelling
  • Quiz: Elevator Pitch
  • Quiz: Meeting Techniques
  • Quiz: Pecha Kucha
  • I federate
  • The Rules of Facilitation
  • Managing resistance in meetings
  • Preparing a meeting
  • Stimulating participation in meetings
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • The CORPI
  • The communication plan
  • The path to success to federate
  • “I federate” summary booklet
  • Summary booklet “I facilitate”