E-learning: “I work remotely”

Working remotely,

means creating practices and methods of organisation and communication that allow geographically dispersed teams and individuals to work efficiently and harmoniously together.

Our program for you

  • To work differently let’s break out of our thinking patterns
  • Which leaders for the next world?
  • Develop a telecommuting culture
  • The manager in the age of telecommuting
  • Manage remote teams
  • Reconcile well-being and telecommuting
  • Facilitate remote meetings
  • Give feedback remotely
  • Make your WOOP action plan
  • Quiz: Giving feedback from a distance
  • Quiz: Managing in the telework era
  • Quiz: Wellness and Telework
  • Quiz: Facilitating Remote Meetings
  • I work remotely
  • The 20 Practices of Remote Management
  • Expectations of the remote employee
  • Self-assessment of my performance
  • How to facilitate virtual meetings?
  • The E-Etiquette
  • The road to success for working remotely
  • “I work remotely” summary booklet