E-learning: “I manage”


is to discover your role as a manager and leader

as well as the added value to the company.

It means understanding the skills and assets necessary to unite people around oneself.

It also means understanding the keys to managing diverse teams.

Our program for you

  • The magic ring
  • The Kintsugi
  • Being an inspiring leader
  • Management and Google
  • Let’s take a look at resilience
  • Managing Resilience
  • What are the roles of the manager and the leader
  • Discover the qualities of tomorrow’s leader
  • Become a good situational leader
  • Manage multi-generational teams
  • Develop your skills as a manager coach
  • Make your WOOP action plan
  • Quiz: Let’s take a look at resilience
  • Quiz: Managing Resilience
  • Quiz: Roles of the leader-manager
  • Quiz: The 7 qualities of tomorrow’s leader
  • Quiz: How to be a good situational leader
  • Quiz: Managing multigenerational teams
  • Quiz:, How to be a manager coach
  • How to use situational management?
  • How can I diagnose my employees with situational leadership?
  • Confidence self-diagnosis
  • Google skills and you
  • My red thread in coaching
  • The 10 skills of the coach (self-assessment)
  • The situational management synthesis
  • The path to success for managers
  • “I manage” synthesis booklet