E-learning: “I cope”

To develop, the manager must have a solid foundation.

This includes having a stable sense of self and the ability to effectively manage stress for yourself and your team.

Our program for you

  • The donkey and the well
  • The power of habit
  • The force of habit
  • The prison of beliefs
  • Understand the mechanisms of stress
  • Increase individual resistance to stress
  • Increase your team’s resistance to stress
  • How to gain self-confidence
  • The keys to self-confidence
  • Quiz: Managing stress
  • Quiz: Increase your resistance to stress
  • Quiz: How to increase the stress resistance of your teams
  • Quiz: How to gain self-confidence
  • Quiz: The keys to self-confidence
  • Being your own stress management coach
  • Emotional intelligence and stress
  • Beware of filters
  • The Marshall Rosenberg Scale
  • Self-esteem: questions to ask yourself