Faced with a complex and constantly changing environment, managers must be able to provide answers that are up to the challenges and, more than ever, give meaning and responsibility to their teams. “One size fits all” no longer works.

To help them carry out their missions successfully, Dyna Learn offers a range of tools that allow them to nuance their approach, to learn new techniques, to draw inspiration from structuring models to meet tomorrow’s challenges, all in the respect of the joy of learning.

Content customisation

If you have a project aiming at digitising your contents, at creating tailor-made e-learning modules, our team will be happy to help and guide you. Whether you want to create your own capsules or outsource this activity, Dyna Learn, with its pedagogical expertise, is there to support you in your digital learning.

Content library

If, on the other hand, you are wondering how to train your employees, and would like to acquire existing “off-the-shelf” contents on management and soft skills in general, we have developed a complete library of digital modules for this purpose. This should help you to provide distance training to your learners, in the context of Blended Learning. The concept of the “flipped classroom” is more relevant than ever. Teleworking imposes flexibility in the learning cycles and offering online management training courses allows enormous flexibility, insofar as the learners can view them at their own pace, where they want and when they want (ATAWAD concept).

Our e-learning courses consist of several pillars, covering people management and soft skills.

Themes range from personal development, developing others, self-confidence, self-awareness, team management, change management, ways to communicate and give feedback effectively, priority management, teleworking, motivation, delegation, empowerment, not forgetting resilience, stress management and the use of recent management approaches such as nudging and Appreciative Inquiry.

In all, you benefit from 400 specific contents per language. They are available in three languages, English, French and Dutch.

Our pillars

I know myself

I communicate

I manage

I motivate

I organise

I develop  others

I federate

I manage my team

I accompany change

I work remotely

I cope

I enrich my toolkit