E-learning: “I accompany change”

Change is a door that opens from the inside.

Accompanying change means managing people.

It means understanding fears, doubts and uncertainties.

It means communicating the why, the what and the how.

Finally, accompanying change means involving teams in the implementation of changes.

Our program for you

    • Boosting innovation
    • Humour as a catalyst for creativity
    • Impertinence in business
  • Why are we afraid of change?
  • Structure your approach to change
  • Motivate your employees to accept change
  • Discover Design Thinking
  • Make your WOOP action plan
  • Quiz: Making change a success
  • Quiz: ADKAR
  • Quiz: Motivating employees to accept change (SWITCH)
  • Quiz: Design Thinking
  • I accompany change
  • Diagnosis of the capacity to change
  • Diagnosis of the sense of urgency
  • Human impact study
  • Stakeholder matrix
  • The pitfalls of the decision
  • The path to success to accompany others to change
  • Summary Booklet: “I Accompany Change”
  • Summary Booklet: Bill Bratton “How the Sheriff of New York Manages Change”