About us

Our vision, our mission

We believe in an agile, dynamic, interactive and inspiring approach where our digital contents are a bridge between knowledge and action.

Dyna learn wants to structure the learning process in order to promote the acquisition of corporate content so that everyone has everything they need to give their best and to flourish in their work.

Let’s dare to renew the pleasures of learning, let’s happily walk the path of possibilities by basing our digital processes on the fusion of our expertise as trainers and that of our team of digital learning professionals.

Our story

Dyna Learn was created with a spirit of adventure, humour and good humour in 2017, with the aim of breathing new life into the traditional training model.

Dyna Learn has rethought learning in the light of digitalisation and gamification thanks to its team of consultants, trainers, graphic designers, cartoonists and computer scientists.

The architect Jean Nouvel said that style is “the permanence of an intellectual attitude”.

Our entire team, through a wink and metaphorical comic strip, has chosen to illustrate Dyna Learn’s “Digital Touch” and the philosophy of customisation as well as all the challenges that await the world of Learning & Development, as well as Human Resources tomorrow.

Our partners