E-learning: “I get organised”

Getting organized is about identifying and eliminating “time thieves”.

It means breaking down and prioritizing your projects and tasks into a series of manageable daily activities.

It means anticipating, foreseeing and not succumbing to urgency.

Our program for you

  • What about procrastination?
  • It’s all about timing
  • Manage your “compelling messages”
  • How to get organized effectively
  • How to manage priorities
  • How to manage interruptions
  • Make your WOOP action plan
  • Quiz: “Binding messages
  • Quiz: Getting Organized
  • Quiz: Priority Management
  • Quiz: Interruption Management
  • Getting organized
    • Reflection on time eaters
    • Diagnosis: the Karasek matrix
    • The 5 laws of time management
    • The Eisenhower matrix
    • The golden rules of time management
  • The path to success in getting organized
  • “I organize” summary booklet